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The aim of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre is to build a community of innovative companies developing technology for both platforms and components of marine autonomous systems (MAS) and provide them with the necessary support to be able to develop and successfully bring to market the next generation of MAS. 

This community will co-exist with the National Oceanography Centre’s Marine Autonomous and Robotics Systems team who have extensive experience with the deployment of marine autonomous platforms in the ocean’s most challenging environments. 


The Marine Robotics Innovation Centre offers three categories of Partner Membership: 

Partner - this membership is for companies that are directly involved with marine technologies that can contribute to a marine autonomous system (MAS).  This is to ensure that those occupying the desks within the Innovation Centre are doing so to innovate. 

Affiliate Partner - this membership is aimed at encouraging the engagement of organisations that are not directly innovating for MAS but hold an interest in current and future MAS technologies, example organisations include: 

  • End Users  
  • Industry Societies 
  • Funding Organisations    

If you have any questions about your Partner membership please contact: 

Aidan Thorn – Innovation Centre Manager 

Troy Bell - Innovation Centre Co-ordinator 

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